Thursday, February 06, 2014

Characteristics of good cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is produced from liquor by removing some of the fat. This is carried out by hydraulic pressing of the liquor.

Cocoa powder can be described as the finely ground particles obtained from the mechanical disintegration of cocoa press cake containing not more than 9% water and not less than 20% cocoa butter calculated on the dry matter.

There are several physical properties of cocoa powder that are important to both the consumer and food manufacturers.

The fineness of the cocoa powder is determined by a combination of factors, such as the fineness of the liquor, type of alkalization and the final grinding step.

Cocoa powder contains fat ranging from 10 - 12% towards 22 - 24%.

The pH and color of cocoa powders are important characteristics and can vary significantly depending on the source of cocoa beans and how they are processed,

Natural cocoa powders have a lower pH and a characteristics light brown color while alkalized cocoa powders have higher pH and darker colors that range from dark brown to brownish red to dark red to black.

The flavor of cocoa powder is depending on alkalization and roasting condition, customized flavors can be developed. When needed flavors for example vanillin can be added.
Characteristics of good cocoa powder
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