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Polyphenols in dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains natural compounds that possess biological functions and serve as antioxidants. These compounds include polyphenols, flavanols, catechins, and others.

Given its high concentration of polyphenols, dark chocolate offers a substantial source of antioxidants that have the potential to regulate blood sugar levels, counter oxidative damage, enhance the immune system, and lower the risk of heart disease. Research indicates that when consumed alongside foods like almonds and cocoa, the polyphenols present in dark chocolate could contribute to reducing specific types of LDL cholesterol.

The polyphenols derived from cocoa may also act as protective measures against diseases in which oxidative stress is implicated, such as cancer. Additionally, these polyphenols exhibit effects that impede excessive cell proliferation, counteract mutations, provide defense against chemical harm, and even play a role in preventing tooth decay.

Studies detailed in the journal Molecules (2009;14:200–209) have confirmed the connection between the amount of cocoa mass in chocolate and the content of polyphenols. In dark chocolate, the polyphenol content was measured at 578 mg/100 g, while milk and white chocolates contained 160 mg/100 g and 126 mg/100 g, respectively.
Polyphenols in dark chocolate

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