Monday, October 02, 2017

What are the functions of conching process?

To get a well processed chocolate it is normally desirable to let it pass through three stages:
*Dry conching
*Pasty phase
*Liquid conching

Some of the benefits of conching are:
*Improve rheology or reduction in viscosity
*Elimination of harsh volatile for a mellower taste
*Removal of moisture and reduces lumping and graining
*Improved mouthfeel

During the conching, the small briquettes are comminuted step by step, and humidity and acid vapors are evaporated from the surface of the briquettes. Conching is the last opportunity for a manufacturer to obtain the state required for a particular product.

It is the function of conching to remove the more distasteful of flavor and yet retain the more desirable ones. The actual required flavor and hence the conching time, will depend initial cocoa flavor intensity and the product in which it is being used.

The final function of the conche is to ensure that the chocolate has the correct flow properties for the next processing stages.
What are the functions of conching process?
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