Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Low fat cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is the partially dry substance that remains after separating cocoa butter from the cocoa mass. According to the cocoa fat content, the product is divided into high fat cocoa powder, medium fat cocoa powder and low fat cocoa powder.

Low fat cocoa conforms to the definition of breakfast coca except that it contains less than 10% cocoa butter which represents a good compromise between pressing time and fat removal.

Control of fat content in this operation is carried out automatically by weighing the expressed butter and continuing the pressing until the target fat weight is achieved.

The alkalizing process of cocoa powder creates many different colors. The food industry uses mostly low fat cocoa powder in a wide range of colors. Low fat cocoa powder are used for flavoring in cakes, biscuits, ice cream and chocolate flavored products in which other vegetable fats are used in place of cocoa butter.
Low fat cocoa powder

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