Wednesday, September 06, 2017

What are the definitions of cocoa?

Cocoa is a corruption of the botanical garden name of the plant cacao. It is applied to the roasted and crushed fruit of the Theobroma from which about one-half of its oil has been expressed.
The term cocoa nibs is applied to the roasted while seeds of the Theobroma.
Chocolate is the name of roasted and crushed nibs before any of the oil has been extracted. The term chocolate is also applied to the beverage made from the crushed nibs.

Unless the above facts are clearly comprehend much confusion of ideas will ensue. It s unfortunate that the term, coco was not applied to chocolate and vise versa.

The matter is further complicated by applying the term chocolate to a highly sweetened confection containing chocolate as a base.

The sugar amounts to as much as 60 to 70 percent of the whole mass. The plain chocolate which has not been manipulated at all is often called “bitter chocolate” in distinction from confection which is celled “sweet chocolate.”
What are the definitions of cocoa?
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