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What is couverture chocolate?

Couverture is French for “coating.” Has high cocoa butter content: minimum 31 percent. This chocolate containing a minimum of 31 % of cocoa butter and 2·5 % of dry non-fat cocoa solids; if couverture chocolate is described as 'dark couverture chocolate' it shall contain a minimum of 31 % of cocoa butter and 16 % of dry non-fat cocoa solids; 

Couverture chocolate is a very high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than baking or eating chocolate. This additional cocoa butter, combined with proper tempering, gives the chocolate more sheen, a firmer snap when broken, and a creamy mellow flavor. 

Couverture Chocolate shall contain, on a dry matter basis, not less than 35% total cocoa solids of which not less than 31% shall be cocoa butter and not less than 2.5% of fat-free cocoa solids. Couverture is used by professionals for dipping, coating, molding and garnishing. The added cocoa butter in couvertures makes them ideal for one of their main uses: dipping and coating. 

White chocolate couverture was prepared by mixing white chocolate and palm kernel oil in different proportion as per the requirement of treatment in a double jacketed container maintained at 45-50ºc. 
What is couverture chocolate?

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