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Definition and ingredients of milk chocolate

Chocolate defines as the homogenous combination of cocoa powder, cocoa butter with milk powders, sugars, and/or sweeteners and other additives. According to proportion of different ingredients used in preparation of chocolate, three main categories of chocolates are Dark, White and Milk chocolate.

Almost twenty years after the invention of the press in 1847, the first British factory to produce a plain eating chocolate was established in Bristol in the UK by Joseph Fry. The chocolate made by Fry was initially a plain block and it was only in 1875 that the first milk chocolate was made by Daniel Peter in Switzerland.

Milk chocolate is most important products of confectionary that are well-known for its consumer, and a precious ended product in entirely value-added chain in cacao.

According to the standard, milk chocolate shall contain, on a dry matter basis, not less than 25% cocoa solids (including a minimum of 2.5% fat-free cocoa solids) and a specified minimum of milk solids between 12% and 14% (including a minimum of milk fat between 2.5% and 3.5%).

Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. Milk chocolate is often used milk crumb and or milk powder. Recent studies reported that milk powder is being used at about 20% w/w in formulation, and have clear effect the sensory characteristics of the final product and processing behavior.

Milk powder is the major ingredient of milk chocolate and affects the sensory attributes of the chocolate and the rheological properties of chocolate fluid mass.
Definition and ingredients of milk chocolate

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