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History of Mars Bar

The Mars bar has been one of the UK’s favorite since its launch in 1932 and in 2000 over three million Mars bars were made every day in the Mars factory in Slough.

In Chicago, a man whose name was Mr Frank C. Mars, the creator of the Milky Way chocolate bar and owned a small chocolate factory that had been making the Milky Way bar for a number of years. He started his candy business from home since the early 1920.

In the 1920s, Forrest Edward Mars, joined his father in business and after 12 years working side by side, the two ended up squabbling.

His dad gave him US$5,000 and the foreign rights to manufacture Milky Way and travel to UK to start his own business abroad.

In May 1932, a young American, Forrest E. Mars arrived in the UK with a recipe for a new chocolate bar the Mars bar. He rented a small factory in Slough and registered the new company as Mars Confections Ltd.

Along with his 12 employees he started, Forrest began manufacturing his first creation the Mars bar.

In June that year Mars bar trademark was register and within months the factory was fully operational. The first Mars bar was made by hand on August Bank Holiday Monday.

In 1940, Forrest E. Mars, formed the Mars Corporation in order to produce chocolate candies with a sugar shell that could be sold throughout the year and wouldn’t melt during the summer.

During World War II production was maintained and Mars bars were supplied to the Allied armed forces.

By the early 1970s, Mars candy business amounted to about $200 million in the United States with an additional $55 million in Britain.
History of Mars Bar

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